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Heavy Vehicle Licensing:
Class 4 Licensing Course

  • Take the next step in your driving career, get your class 4 full licence immediately after getting your class 4 learner licence.
  • If you book our Class 4 course through our website it will include Worktime, logbook & fatigue.

Class 4 Licensing Course

Course Aim

To obtain a Class 4 Truck Driver Licence without having to wait 6 months from the time a Class 4 Learner Licence is obtained.

We will coach you on the theory and assess your skills to drive a heavy rigid vehicle with a gross laden weight more than 18,000kg

What do I need to have?

  • A Class 4 Learner Licence obtained from a licensing agency.

What do I need to do to get a Class 4 Learner Licence?

  • You must have held a Class 2 licence for at least 6 months (or 3 months if you are over 25).
  • You’ll need to get a medical certificate (unless you have presented one to the NZTA in the last 5 years).
  • Apply for a Class 4 Learners licence at a licensing agency (e.g. AA, VTNZ or VINZ).

How long does the Class 4 course take?

We will courier you pre-course study, we recommend booking at least one week before to allow enough time to complete it before the course starts.

  • Half a day will be scheduled covering unit standard 17576 Operate a Class 4 rigid vehicle.
  • One day will be scheduled to cover unit standard 24089 Worktime, logbook and fatigue if required.
  • The practical portion will be 3 hours of coaching with one hour of assessment. 

What unit standards are covered?

  • US 17576 – Operate a Class 4 heavy rigid vehicle.
  • US 24089 – Work time/Fatigue/Log Book - May not be required if you can provide evidence that you have completed this training in the last 12 months and we are happy with your level of knowledge.

What happens when I pass the course?

  • Take the certificate we give you to a licensing agency (e.g. AA, VTNZ or VINZ)) and they will help you apply to have your licence amended to include your new full Class 4 license (Fees apply). We recommend that you present this within 60 days.
  • Contact us in 3 months (if you are over 25) or 6 months (if you are under 25) to go for your Class 5 licence - If you are over 25 you may also qualify for a reduction in the 3 month wait – talk to us.

You cannot drive with just the certificate - it is not a licence.

Class 4 Licence Pre-requisites

  • You will need your Class 4 learners, we will need a copy before booking. Please bring it with you on the day.
  • To get your Class 4 learners you must have held your full NZ Class 2 or Class 3 for 6 months (if you are under 25) or for 3 months (if you are over 25). Head to your nearest licencing agency with a current medical (unless one has been presented in the last 5 years) pass your theory test and contact us to book.
  • Successful completion of Worktime, logbook & fatigue unit standard 24089. Ask our team for more information
  • Truck and transmission differ from branch to branch, please let know your preference

How much does it cost if I can supply a truck and suitable load?

  • Our Class 4 course starts from $935 + GST ($1.072.25 including GST) if you can provide evidence that you have: 
    1. Completed a Class 2 Approved Course, and/or
    2. Demonstrate your Work time, logbook, and fatigue level of knowledge.
    3. Copy of the original NZTA certificate.
  • Worktime, logbook & fatigue is a prerequisite to the Class 4 course and included when booking through our website $360 plus GST ($414 including GST). If you have already completed an approved course with unit standard 24089 then call us for a reduced price. 

How much does it cost if I can’t supply a truck with suitable minimum load of 50% of GLW?

  • Truck hire is $550 + GST ($632.50 including GST). If you are unable to provide your own class 4 truck, then call us on 0800 637 000 to discuss your options. 

  • Please note truck hire is unavailable at our Rotorua branch. All drives that require truck hire will start at our Mount Maunganui branch

What is included in the cost?

  • All course and tuition fees.
  • NZQA credit registration fees.

What is excluded?

  • Class 4 Learners Licence
  • Truck hire, NZTA or licensing agency fees.
  • Eyesight & or medical fees.
  • Any practical training/assessment exceeding 4 hours – which is charged out at $200 plus GST ($230 including GST) per hour plus truck hire costs if applicable.


We’re happy to custom build a training programme to suit your needs. We can also run a private course at your premises (Minimum of 6 people).