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School Bus Driver Training Programme


Why do a School Bus Driver Training Programme with TR Driver Training?

  • This course is designed to produce bus drivers who meet all relevant Ministry of Education driver training requirements.
  • You will be professionally trained by qualified and experienced instructors.
  • Train at one our New Plymouth branch or your own venue.

Course Aim

  • To provide school bus drivers with customised driver training.
  • To support schools and school bus operators in meeting Ministry of Education driver training requirements.

What do I need to have?

A Class 2 driver licence and “P” driver licence endorsement (If you don’t have either of these we can help you to obtain them).

Course Venue and Requirements

  • Theory – can be completed at client premises or one of our branches.
  • Practical – “on the job” school bus run.
  • We would normally expect the school or school bus operator to provide a suitable bus.

Course Structure and Details

  • The course covers theory and practical components.
  • The theory component normally takes one day if course participants have previously completed Unit Standard 24089 (Demonstrate knowledge of fatigue management, work time and driver log book requirements). If 24089 needs to be included an extra ½ day will be required.
  • The practical component is completed on an individual basis and must be assessed on an actual school run – normally takes 2 to 3 hours per person.
  • Course numbers are normally restricted to 10 trainees.

Unit Standards and Topics

  • Unit Standard 3465 - Describe driving hazards and risk reduction strategies and responses to driving hazards.
  • Unit Standard 24089 - Demonstrate knowledge of fatigue management, work time, and driver logbook requirements.
    (Note: If you have previously obtained this unit you may not have to do it again.)
  • TR Driver Training module on Heavy Rigid Vehicle dynamics.
  • Unit Standard 3466 - Apply risk reduction techniques and strategies while driving.
  • Unit Standard 15162 – Drive a school bus.

Optional – Practical and theory
  • Unit Standard 15163 – Drive large passenger service vehicle in a fuel efficient manner.

Course Fees

  • As this course is normally tailored to company / organisation requirements please contact us for a quotation.
  • Cost are associated with Trainers travel and accommodation.


We’re happy to custom build a training programme to suit your needs. We can also run a private course at your premises (Minimum of 6 people).