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  • Competency or Unit Standards we have you covered for both.

  • Trainees must complete our one-day basic Telehandler training as a pre-requisite to attend our Unit Standard Training.

  • On completion of the one-day course, we will provide trainees with a task completion log to take back to their workplace. Trainees will log 60 hours of supervised workplace experience before returning for their final assessment to obtain their unit standards

Telehandler Course

Course Aim

To produce operators who are able to perform

  • Pre-start checks
  • Assessment of load placement requirements for weight and reach
  • Interpretation of load charts
  • Check of compatibility of attachments
  • Function test of all controls and machine movements
  • Operation of all steering modes
  • Lift, carry and place loads
  • Correct rigging of load if required

Equipment Requirments 

  • Telehandler and attachment/s, we will need confirmation of attachments you will be training on, Buckets, Forks etc
  • 2 types of loads at your site to pick up and certified lifting equipment
  • Area large enough to operate without contact with other vehicles/pedestrians etc

Course Structure and Duration

  • One Day is scheduled for basic Telehandler training, covering theory and practical training plus assessment
  • Return for your final assessment to obtain unit standard 23637 after we have verified 60 hours of supervised workplace experience

Unit Standard Covered

  • Unit Standard 23637 – Operate a telehandler - version 5

Course Numbers 

  • Minimum of two maximum of six trainees to one instructor.

Course Venue and Requirements

As there is a practical element involving the workplace this course is best delivered at the workplace.

Telehandler Licence Pre-requisites

  • You must hold your Class one full drivers’ licence
  • You must hold your Wheels endorsement (US 16701), if required we can complete it on the same day at an additional cost. 

Course Fees

  • Telehandler basic training $500 plus GST ($575 including GST) per person.
  • Telehandler unit-standard practical assessment $400 plus GST ($460 including GST) per person. Please contact us for a quotation


We’re happy to custom build a training programme to suit your needs. We can also run a private course at your premises (Minimum of 6 people).