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These courses are ideal for companies who run light vehicles in their fleets. The programmes ensure that all drivers are professionally trained, and covers skill assessment, theoretical courses and manoeuvring training.

Load & Unload Vehicle Course
A practical and theory-based course designed to provide drivers, operators or handlers the skills and knowledge to safely and legally deal with loads on goods service vehicles.
This course has been designed to enhance a driver’s understanding of loading and towing practices when towing a light trailer.
Light Vehicle Driver Evaluation
TR Driver Training has developed this programme specifically to improve the driving skills of drivers who use corporate and fleet vehicles, thereby improving safety and reducing costs.
This course is designed to promote defensive driving techniques by raising the general awareness of drivers in the workplace. It’s generally delivered to groups from the same company or organisation.
This programme is designed to reduce the number of single vehicle, low speed accidents thereby cutting repair costs and minimising vehicle downtime.
If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for,
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