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Truck Loader Crane Refresher in-class

This course is designed for those wanting a three-yearly refresher for experienced operators wanting the full in-class experience. No pre-course for trainees, our Driver Trainers will go through both the theory and practical training between half and a full day to refresh your knowledge and operator skills. 

Operate Truck Loader Crane

Course Aim

Refresh the knowledge and skills of your operators on the below:

  • Identify on-site hazards and apply controls
  • Understand and deliver lift plans
  • Select lifting equipment and prepare loads for lifting
  • Demonstrate knot tying for tag lines
  • Understand TLC equipment and attachments
  • lift, move and place regular loads
  • Secure and prepare a TLC for road transport mode
  • Conduct daily and weekly checks on a TLC

Equipment Requirements 

  • Certified truck loader crane
  • Certified lift equipment. Slings/ chain slings/ shackles
  • Cones and/or barriers to secure safe practical training area
  • Two different types of loads
  • Training room adequate for the size of the course
  • You will need appropriate PPE this includes, hard-covered shoes, hard-hat, and leather gloves

Unit Standard and Structure 

  • No unit standards 

Duration of the course dependent on trainee numbers

  • One to two trainees, up to four hours
  • Three to four trainees, up to six hours
  • Five to six trainees, up to a day


  • Current competency training or unit standard training within the last 3 years.
  • We will ask for a copy of your certificate, verify your record of learning or we will ask for proof of your current competency (training records, employer verification).

Course Numbers and Pricing 

  • Driver Training in-class Pricing: 
    • One to two trainees $800 plus GST ($920 including GST) per group
    • Three to four trainees $1500 plus GST ($1,725 including GST) per group
  • Truck hire starting from $450 plus GST ($517.50 including GST)
  • Course numbers one to six

This course is scheduled and tailored to your specific requirements.
Please use the "ENQUIRE NOW" button to contact us to arrange a session.



We’re happy to custom build a training programme to suit your needs. We can also run a private course at your premises (Minimum of 6 people).